Rullbanor 500X374


With the help of sloping conveyors the goods are always in position for collection. 
What is more, the number of truck  aisles can be minimised, as the live storage rack is a very efficient form of compact storage.




EAB- straight through Rack


In EAB´s straight-through rack the goods are handled in accordance with the FiFo principle (First in-First out). The goods are loaded into the rack on one side and unloaded at the other side. This provides a very satisfactory flow of goods, for example for handling goods with a limited storage life. The straight-through rack is fitted with brake rollers at regular intervals so that the goods can be safe transported.


Rullbanor Genomlopp 500X202


EAB Push back Rack


In EAB´s push back rack the goods are handled in accordance with the FiLo principle (First in-Last out). The truck pushes the pallets into the rack, and loading and unloading take place from the same side. This type of storage therefore requires one truck aisle, only which saves a lot of space as the rack can be placed against one wall.


Rullbanor Tryck 500X297